Vashikaran Mantra

Vashikaran Mantra and How it works for Men, Lady, Husband and wife

Vashikaran mantra is an ancient Hindu mantra. The use of this mantra is to control someone mind according to your will. This is a powerful and strongest method to attract anyone to whom you love and want to marry without any hurdles.

By casting vashikaran mantra or totke you can control mind of any person. And as per result, the person will be in under your control. This vashikaran spells can ensure success in your love life. It is advisable to you that never try to use it against huminity or for evil purposes.  You should use it only for the good intentions for serving society. If these vashikaran spells perform with good intentions unbelievably works very fast.

Vashikaran Mantra or Totke

Vashikaran spells consists with magical powers which are independent by nature. It should be recite basically to invoke power of deities. These deities powers are responsible to bring a extreme luck in your life. It is matter on devotion that your prayers would be accepted or rejected though any task performed. If you perform it for the goodness of society then result will always fruitful as you want. So if you cast these spell for your own benefit or for jealousy purpose than it will bring unlucky results. Furthermore it may be suggested to you that these powers are enough powerful to take life, misfortunes or darkness in your life. So be careful while implementing.

Vashikaran spells can organize the energy of universe to solve any type of problems in life. The problem of common human maybe likewise conflicts between girlfriend and boyfriend, official issues, career problems, husband wife issues, love relationship problems, enemy problems, financial problems, educational problems and so on.

So if you fall in love with someone and want to marry him or her. You want getting his presence back in your life. So you can perform these vashikaran spells or shabar mantra to make control over that targeted person.

Vashikaran mantra for lady

Mantra 1: “Om Hrim Namah”

Mantra 2: “Om Chem Hrim-2 Om Hum Swaaha”

Vashikaran Mantra Procedure: These above given two mantras are used to attract any woman. For this, first of all wear a red color clothes after taking a bath, wear saffron beads around your neck. Perform this mantra 1000 times continuously for 7 days. During chanting capture the face of target woman with whom you want to marry. And want him back in your love life. After that, chant this mantra 1000 times. Now see how can she become your for the life time. She never leave you alone and always will be with you.

Vashikaran mantra for man

Mantra for man: “Om Hreem Kareem Amukam Aakarshaay Vashyaam Kuru-2 Swaaha”

Vashikaran mantra procedure: On a lucky day take sandal wood, vermillion, saffron and mix them with neem leaves and made picture of a pulp on a birch bark. Perform rituals or prayers with purity. Take a wood of neem and perform veneration, pronounce mantra while adding ghee in fire. Also incense benzoin, also offering of flowers, benzoin and ghee in a fire for 110 times.

Vashikaran mantra for Husband in Hindi

Mantra for Husband: “Om Asay Shri Sundari mantra Swarna Varna Rishi Itti swaahipaas swaaha “

Vashikaran mantra procedure: Any women can control their husband by casting this vashikaran mantra daily for 108 times for 108 days. By effect of this husband vashikaran mantra he will be dependent on you and for the reason that it make you happy.

Most Powerful Vashikaran mantra

Mantra: “Om Namoh Bhagwate Kaamdevaaya Yasyaa-2 dashyo-2 bhavaami

Yasach-2 mam much paschyaati tat aan mohyaatu swaaha” ||

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