Lord Shiva mantra to Get Love Back or Make Someone Love You

Importance of Shiv Mantra in Your Love Relationship Problems

In Hindu culture or mythology Lord Shiva is considered as a god of love. He is also known as “Bhole Nath” which mean. Lord Shiva is very kind by nature. If you want to make happy shiv then its very easy compare to other gods. Lord Shiva is represent love. We have read so many stories about shiv and parvati love.

Lord Shiva is supposed to have many shades in their character. According to Hindu religion he is called as destroyer whereas in another he is also known most kind heart god. He has 108 name which makes him as one of the most complex and interesting Gods. He is also among the three main god of Hindu religion. Although, there are various Lord Shiva mantras that you can use in your regular life. Lord Shiva mantras can prove a game changer for solving problems as well as being successful in love.

Shiv Mantra to Attract a Person and Make Someone Love You

Lord Shiva mantra is very effective and powerful for love problems. If someone desire to please god Shiva to acquire their love then chat mantra of lord Shiva and Parvati for love. People are using shiv mantra to attract a person or to make someone love you from years. If you use this lord shiv mantra to get love in right manner then you can fall someone to love with you. Here our astrologers will deliver you best Shiv mantra to whom, you want to know how to make Shiva happy to get their love back. These are astrological or Vedic remedies which can give you success in your love matters. Thus Shiv mantra are very fruitful and strong if pronounced accurately under the guidance of an expert astrologer. It will surely give you success in your love marriage and all the issues which are related to your love matters.

Shiv Mantra to Attract Lover for Marriage

Shiv vashikaran mantra is also beneficial to make your parents agree for your love marriage or inter caste marriage. So if your love relationship is going out of track then use this shiv mantra to attract lover. This mantra will have power to control your lover for you. This mantra is like magnetism to attract someone to make you love or to get married. These rituals will aid to develop a better strength in a social circle. It will also make it very simplistic to you to attract a boy or girl of your choice. Our professional astrologers will resolve several difficult complications in a minute. So whether you have to make your beloved back or to get love of your dream lover our experts.

However love is not seems too easy for lot of peoples but only few are there who can accomplish this. Although there are lot of people who face many kind of difficulty due to love relationship. Their desire to marry with a specific person will create lots of problem for then. If you want to solve all these and make someone fall in love with you than here we are providing you several Shiva mantra for love:

Mantra to make someone fall in love with you’s Procedure:-

These mantra is called as Shiva Parvathi mantra, its main motive is to attract a person towards you by chanting spells.

  • Put fruits and flowers in front of idol of goddess Parvathi and lord Shiva.
  • Then lit a few incense stick and also place some lamps of ghee which must have pure ghee in it.
  • Then use beads of Rudraksha and chant below Shiv mantra 121 times.
  • Repeat this below procedure consecutively for 21 days.
  • After 21 days of completion of rituals a saadhak would attain siddhis. Now you can mix Chandan, Gorochana and Kumkum together and make a thick paste of it.
  • Apply paste as a tilak on your forehead and chant below Shiv mantra 121 times.
  • Afterwards then go to meet that specific person whom you wanted to make fallen in love with you.

Powerful Shiv mantra for love

“Om Namaha Aadesh Guru ka Ghar Bandhu dwara bandhu, aur Guru Shakti se Baandhu Sansaar Raaja ko Baandhu de Shiv Ji Aashirvaad mujhe Shakti do, Shakti do”

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