Hindu Prayer to Get Married with Lover

Shiv Parvati Mantra to Marry with Desired Person and Happy Married Life

Hindu prayers help you to get marry with your lover and removes all the problems which comes across the paths of your love marriage. If your luck is not in favor of you. May be there some planet afflictions in your horoscope which leads to delay in marriage. Then you can get Hindu prayers to reduce all afflictions comprises to planets and can live a happy marital life with your lover. If you love someone deeply and your parents are not agree for your love marriage then you may consult our best astrologer. You also can implement some effective Hindu prayers to get marry soon with your lover. Hindu prayers are very efficiently provide you solutions for all troubles.

Shiv parvati is the lord of power as given in folk tale, it is a symbolism of happy wedding life. Lord shiva is similarly of peace and prosperity. His second name is Bhole Nath. Worshipping of Shiv is very fruitful for the purpose of happy marital life. By pleasing lord shiva and parvati by some hindu prayers or by fast on monday , your dream come true of getting marriage with lover very soon. If these hindu prayers or mantra are recited accurately than it will be very beneficial for you to get your love and success in love marriage. If your relationship is doesn’t fixed anywhere or you got delay in marriage than you can get these procedures of shiv parvati mantra.

Lord Shiv prayer for marriage success procedure: Take one picture of shiv parvati and recite below mantra for 11 days up to 1000 times. You can also do this procedure at home or at temple also where you usually go for worship.

Shiv Parvati Mantra: Om Vajrakaran Shive rudh-2 Bhave mamaai amrit kuru-2 Swaha||

get marry with desired person

Mantra to marry particular person

Every women or man in this world are looking for a happy and joyful life for him/her. In mantra chanting process there may be knowledge of some divine powers that will help you in your life. Although planets put a major impact in life of person. Their movement and effect in birth horoscope is very important factor. People want to attract someone towards him/her whom they love passionately. But they don’t have dare to express their love in front of them. Because of this some difficulties occurs in their love life.

If you love someone but if you can’t get him/her it is more painful feeling. But you don’t have to bother. In vedic astrology, there are lot of spells and Hindu mantras to solve the love problem. To know about these spells and mantra you have to consult with specialist guru. Dharmendra shastri is one of them who can cast mantra to marry with a particular person.

Mantra to get married to desired person

In hindu purana it is believe that Shiva is a lord of sincere devotion. By worshiping of lord Shiva, you can get all the happiness which you want in marital life. Marriages in heaven are already predestined. When two people take decision to live with each other on unreasonable agreement for the life time. Then only they can become Husband and wife. If you love someone and wanted to marry then hindu mantra to marry with desired person is a reliable mantra. This mantra  given by our consultant is very effective and powerful mantra. With this mantra you can get marry with desired person very easily

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